Effective Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Roof

The roof of your house serves as a protective framework that shelters you from the elements. Every year, it suffers all sorts of beating due to various weather conditions. These events have a big impact on the life of your roof. While you cannot control the force of nature such as strong winds, turbulent storms, acid rain, vicious blizzards, or even heatwave – all of which can wreak havoc on your precious roof – you can take steps to preserve it and prolong its life.

So how can you maintain your roof from early deterioration and premature aging? Below are some useful tips that can help your roof survive for a long period of time.

1. Schedule a regular general inspection

“Prevention is better than cure.” This rings true not only about health but also on other things such as your roof. An inspection should be carried out at least twice a year for roofs which are less than ten years old from a roof repair company. If your house or business building roofs are more than ten years old, you should consider having it examined more frequently with a business building roof repair provider. It is also advised to perform a check after a significant weather event which involves high wind. In this way, minor damages can be immediately repaired before they turn into nastier and more expensive problems like leaks and interior damage.

2. Consider having roof coating

Before we go out and enjoy the sunny weather, we use sunscreen. When temperatures are frigid and biting, we put on our winter jackets or coat. The same principle applies to your roof. It needs a coating to help protect it from rough and extreme weather conditions, as well as heat loss and UVA rays from the sun. Some of the common types of roof coatings are acrylic, bitumen, polyurethane, silicon, and asphalt. Coatings are not one-size-fits-all, so the kind of coating you need for your roof will depend on the type of roof you have and the climate of your area.

3. Be mindful of the gutters

If your house has tall trees within its perimeter, the roof shingles will be prone to scratches from tree branches and the gutters are more likely to accumulate fallen leaves and twigs. Make sure that you cut overhanging branches and remove all kinds of roof clutter on a regular basis because if the gutters are clogged, rainwater will not be drained and eventually the gutters could separate from the house due to the heavy weight of wet leaves. This can cause serious damage and unnecessary expenses.

4. Watch out for signs of moss

While a photo of an old house covered in moss looks quaint and picturesque, in reality, it can give you a headache with costly roof repairs if left unattended. Thriving mostly in an environment that is always damp, cool and shaded, moss growth can destroy and break down the materials your roof is made of. It can cause your roof shingles to be raised and after time, be blown away during a thunderstorm with heavy winds. Moss also lets water creep under the roof shingles, hence allowing leaks and rot to form. Moss formations can be removed by professional roofing companies if you are not sure how to deal with them.

Roof repairs can be one of the costliest maintenance you would have to do in your house. But making sure that your roof is in the best condition by performing these maintenance tips will not only save you the headache of repairs, it will also keep you from unnecessarily spending money for unscheduled reparations.