Things to Look for in the Right Feather Flag for Your Construction Building

Every business has to maximize every opportunity it has to increase brand awareness and recognition in an effort to expand the customer base. Feather flags can be a fun way to create interest in one’s business. These flags which are best used outdoors can truly stand out because of their unusual vertical orientation instead of the more conventional horizontal banner. Getting the right feather flag to convey the message of your business is, thus crucial. Here are some things you can look for when picking the right flag.

Printed Side

There are two types of feather flags with respected to their printed sides. You can go for a single-sided print or a double-sided print. Obviously, your business will have a much better chance of getting increased visibility if you are going to go for the double-sided print. This means people will see your message on both sides of the flag. Sadly, this also means you’ve got to have the budget for it.


The size of the feather flag is actually dependent on the location where you are going to use it. For example, if you intend to put it in an open space, then you can always go for taller feather flags. This way even people from a distance will be able to read your message or have an idea of what you are trying to convey. While you can also do this in an indoor setting, the height of the feather flag will be limited by the vertical clearance of the ceiling as well as any existing rules the management of the building may have in place related to the use of such materials.

Overall Design

Some would love to create a feather banner flag design that uses a lot of loud colors that the message is already lost in the process. There are those that will only use a single image or a single text to drive home a point. While colors are always fun to play with, you’d have to pay more attention to the contrasts in the design. You would want any graphics or texts on the foreground to be distinctly identifiable from the background so that when people look at them, they know instantly what they are looking at. A design template that never fails is a light material on a dark background.

Type of Printing

Would you prefer your feather flag to be screen printed or would digital printing be a more suitable solution for you? The sad thing about going digital is that the print tends to fade with time. And if you’re looking at business feather flags that will last several years, this might not be a great option. Screen-printed feather flags are great in the long run. However, if your feather flag promotion sign design uses a lot of colors you can almost always expect that the price will be higher than going digital.

Picking the right feather flag for your business involves considering the printed side, size, design, and the type of printing of these flags.