Sell My House Fast Houston Texas

Are you moving to a new city to pursue a new job but you need to sell your home in a hurry to get that job? Have you just gone through a job loss which led to you fall behind on your mortgage payments? Has the bank started foreclosure and you want to know how to sell my house fast Houston?

You can sell your Houston home in a hurry, cash out your equity and avoid foreclosure. How? By working with us. We buy houses in any condition for no commission charges at all.

We buy them in cash and can get you your money in as little as a week. Does this sound good? Then let us know you want our help by submitting a request for an appointment.

Sell My House Fast Houston

We understand many sellers face situations which force them to sell fast so they can get their cash. It can happen for many reasons including relocation, job loss or an estate inheritance. You may be a landlord who just wants to move on and sell so you can invest in something else. Whatever the reason, contact us for help.

No matter what your situation is we will make you an offer. You are not under any obligation to sell to us if you do not like it. It is as simple as that. If you do want to accept our offer the closing process is quick and easy. You get cash as soon as the paperwork is signed by both parties.

What is the catch? There is none. How can we buy your house for cash and make your house sell so fast? As investors, we want to buy properties that we can either rent out or rehab and sell. So, you see there is something in it for us, too. But, you can benefit just as much as we can, so it is a complete win for everyone.

Because we buy properties that are in any condition, you can relax knowing that you do not have to make any repairs in order to close. With traditional sales, this is often a different story. Some repairs can cause negotiation problems up to the day of closing.

They can even be a cause for a deal falling through which means a seller has to go through the process of not only doing the repairs but also relisting the property and finding another buyer. This hassle is eliminated with us.

What is even better is that when the closing takes place you do not need to pay any realtor commissions. Those fees can add up for any seller. Did you know that in a traditional sale the seller has to pay the commission for their realtor and the buyer’s? This can be thousands and thousands of dollars depending on the sale price. You do not need to worry about commissions when you work with us.

There are no closing costs at all when you sell to us. That is because we will pay for things like title reports and escrow company charges.

Fast Closing, Fast Cash

If you want to get started just contact us. We will visit your home to view it and to make an offer. Remember that if you are not satisfied with the offer you are under no obligation to go through with the deal. We promise that we will make a reasonable offer to you based on the market prices in your neighborhood.

Once we have an offer, we can begin the escrow process. In about a week we will have the title report ready and will be able to meet and sign all the paperwork including the deed. This is done at the escrow office. You get your money as soon as the closing is done and you can move on to enjoy your new life or spend your money on a new house.

Start your fast cash sale today. Remember there are no repair expenses, no commission fees, and no closing costs to sell house fast in Houston. You do not have to go through the process of listing your home and waiting weeks or months for a good buyer to come along. Just call us or contact us online and we will help you “sell my house fast Houston!”