Which Is Better – Wood, Plastic Or Steel Storage Sheds?

Once you’ve decided to have a storage shed, the next thing you want to know is what kind of material you should use or buy. In determining which one is best, you need to know which factors are the most important. For most people, it’s durability and cost. For some, durability can come second to their concerns as long as the shed can look aesthetically pleasing. Knowing the factors that you prioritize will help you decide which kind of material you should be looking for.

There are three common materials used for storage sheds, namely wood, plastic, or steel. Each will be described below and both the advantages and disadvantages will also be discussed.

1. Wood

The most common material used for storage sheds is wood. It looks great in gardens and they can easily be designed in different colors and sizes. It also has this natural look to it that makes it the most suitable for outdoor decoration as compared to the other two materials. A wooden storage shed can even provide a lot of compartments because you can hang hooks on the walls or have built-in cabinets inside.

Wooden storage sheds are sturdy and can be durable for as long as they are well-maintained. However, for a shed that is exposed outdoors, it needs a lot of maintenance because it attracts rodents and pests. It can also absorb moisture making it weaker over time.

Summary: Wooden storage sheds are aesthetically pleasing and are good space savers, but they require high maintenance and are prone to pests.

2. Plastic

Plastic outdoor storage sheds are called differently among suppliers and manufacturers. They are also called vinyl sheds or resin sheds. Thanks to this material, the time you spend maintaining the shed will be cut in half because plastic sheds are very low-maintenance. All you need is to wipe the walls from time to time so that it doesn’t gather dust.

But one of the main disadvantages of plastic sheds is when it gets exposed to too much sunlight, the heat reacts with the polymers that make up the plastic. This will cause the plastic shed to deteriorate and become less sturdy over time.

Summary: Plastic sheds are easy to use and assemble, but its quality might be compromised due to the chemical reaction of the sun and the polymers.

3. Metal

Among the three, the most durable is the metal storage shed. The high-end metal sheds can last up to 25 years and they are also very sturdy and secure. If you plan on hanging a lot of equipment on the walls, then a metal shed is perfect for you.

At the same time, it is immune to pests and you can be assured that no rodent can ever pass through metal sheds. The same goes for thieves. A metal shed is very safe and is hard to sneak into because the locks are also made of metal. But the downside with metal sheds is that they are not as easy to design and assemble.

Summary: If you are looking for durability and security, metal sheds are the best option. They just aren’t that easy to build.

Each material offers their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your preferences and needs, one of the three materials will be a great choice for your storage shed.