Different Types of Bay Windows for your Kitchen

Bay windows are extremely popular as it provides a better view of the outdoors from the inside. They have the ability to change the holistic appearance of your home. They can turn any dark room into a sunlit filled room. And because of this reason, a lot of households today use bay window design for kitchens. Bay windows come in many different styles. Below are some examples of kitchen bay windows.

Angled Bay Windows

This is the most popular bay window type for kitchens. Angled bay windows are usually composed of here window panes that protrude from the kitchen and are slant back to the wall inside at around thirty to forty-five-degree angles. If you already have big windows, this type is a perfect replacement. Most people who have angle type windows in their kitchen usually add cozy seating and a small table in this part to make a great dining place.

Box Bay Windows

These come in many different sizes and can be used in all parts of the kitchen. As their name suggests, box bay windows are shaped like a box that protrudes out from the wall. These are great used in front of your kitchen sink to provide a great place to put in your plants and herbs.

Garden Bay windows

Garden bay windows are comparable to greenhouses. This type looks a lot like box bay windows but they have glass roofs. Garden bay windows are perfect for homeowners who like to expand their kitchen space and to those who want a brighter and fresher looking kitchen. They are also perfect for those who love to house a lot of indoor plants inside the house.

Bow Bay Windows

Bow bay windows, on the other hand, are simply like regular bay windows. The only difference is that they have a distinguishable bow curve shape rather than angular shape. This type is one of the most expensive of all types of bay windows. But they look elegant and are perfect for large kitchens. There are a lot of cheap bay window making contractors who provide this design.