How to File a Claim if an Insurance Company Damages your Furniture

Having your home insured will help reduce your losses if ever disaster strikes. Some home insurance policies may cover damages to the contents of the house including furniture. It is important to file your claim for the furniture damage right away because some insurers set a time limit for the claim to be filed. Knowing how to file your claim will make it easier and faster to process everything. Here are the steps to file a claim for furniture damage.

  1. Document everything

In this technological age, documenting the damages in your furniture is very easy. You can use a smartphone to take photos or a video of everything. Pay attention to the design and the structural details of the furniture. Even the smallest scratch can cost a lot if you have antique furniture. After taking the photographs, save them and email them to yourself so that you will not lose them.

Move fast in preparing all the documents. Some insurance companies set a date as to when the documents will be submitted. Delays can cause the insurance claim to be declared null and void.

  1. Do not disturb damaged furniture

After you have documented everything, do not disturb the furniture. If some parts have been detached, do not throw them away. Avoid moving the furniture. The insurance company might send someone to conduct an ocular inspection. They might not consider the photos alone if they cannot actually see the damaged furniture.

  1. Hire a public adjuster

The insurance company will ask for the total cost of the damage that was incurred on your furniture. You can do the estimate but the insurance company requires a credible estimate. At this point, you will need a public adjuster to inventory and put a price on all the furniture that has been damaged from katy movers. This is their job and insurance companies consider their estimates as credible. Public adjusters get a percentage of the claim as payment for their services so you are sure that they will work hard so that you can be paid by the insurance company.

  1. File your claim

After preparing all the evidence and making an inventory of all items that have been damaged, you can now submit your claim to the insurance company. Some insurance companies may settle the claim by offering some amount of money to the client. The amount is usually lower than the amount that the insured can claim. With the help of the public adjuster, you stick to your actual claim. You might have to wait but you are sure to get what you are entitled to.

  1. If things get worse, get a lawyer

If the insurance company denies your claims, you can hire a lawyer and take the insurers to court. Some insurance companies might make a settlement before the case is dragged to court. This is because if it is proven that they refused to pay the movers Houston, they will have to pay the attorney’s fees, which can reach several thousands of dollars.

Knowing what to do to claim damages for your insured furniture will make it easy and fast to get paid by insurance companies.