Foreclosure Properties Under Construction – What To Do

In foreclosure or desire a brief sale? In spite of the belief that property investors simply “steal” homes, or are just searching for themselves, read this true story and think of what could have occurred to the home in the event the real estate investor had not gotten involved.

Occasionally once you discover a vendor, it is simply not right to purchase. That is when you need to keep in mind that you’re not merely at the real estate business; you are in the people business also. That is when you’ve got to do what is right for the vendor. After all, in the long run it is going to be right for you too.

One time that I got the pre-foreclosure home list and watched one with an $8,000 balance. The date of this deed was in the 1980’s, so that I knew that this was a good thing. I went to view this, and discovered that a neglected house filled with cobwebs and dust. I wondered if the owner had expired.

I decided to do a little exploring and knocked to a nearby door. The girl who answered explained: “Oh, she is at a nursing home, bad girl. I really don’t know which one.”

Back in my home I checked the web, also got numbers for each and every nursing center in the city. I called each one and eventually found her; she had been in a coma for 3 years. “Can you provide me the name of the next of kin?” I inquired.

“There are some forms you would want to fill out,” said the voice on the opposite end of the line.

I went there, and dealt with all the paperwork. After I had met them that my reasons were valid, they gave me the older woman’s daughter’s name and address. Her telephone was not recorded. So long as I’d gone this way I was not going to allow this absence of a phone number get in my own way. The following morning I knocked on her daughter’s leading door and introduced myself.

  • “I am in property,” I said as I pulled out the list in my folder. “I saw that your mother’s house with this foreclosure listing. I am interested in purchasing it.”
  • “It is not for sale,” she stated, her voice sounding strained.
  • “I Know,” I informed her, “but if a home is on this record it means the home is going to be marketed. They have already set a date on it. They are going to market it in fourteen days, and you’re going to lose whatever value that is there.”
  • “No!”
  • I need to “Sell my house fast for cash
  • “I am Fearful that is what is going to occur.”
  • “So what is in it for you? What sort of scam is that?”
  • “It is No scam,” I said, “you see, it is right here on the record.”
  • “Anyone could sort that.”
  • “True, But perhaps you should consult the foreclosure lawyer. If you were able to speak to him you would see that I am not lying to you. I would rather get the home from you rather than getting in certain foreclosure proceedings.”
  • She eyed me. “All right, I will call him.”

I sat there in her living room as she talked to the lawyer on the phone. “Yes…” I heard her say. “What is that? Five months? I thought…yes, I suppose I forgot…I am not certain…uh huh.” Eventually she hung up. For a moment she said nothing, after which she started to shout. “I… I thought my daughter was still paying. She is supposing to, and…Oh!” She picked up the phone and hit a different amount. I heard the phone click, and then heard the loud sound of a voice on the opposite end. I could not hear the words. “Yes, it is your mom…they are carrying your grandma’s house…Are you paying…? Oh…oh, my…oh…” A moment afterwards she wrapped up. Again she was silent. Eventually she said: “Medicines…they are spending it all on medication…I have always hoped mama would get nicely…go home…And now this.” Then she looked right at me. “She may get well, you understand. It still may happen. But where could she live?”

As I looked at her I recognized this home was the one thing which gave her expectation, the one thing which left her able to live with the notion of her mum in a three-year coma.

“I Believe I will help,” I said. I pulled out my own phone and called the real estate business.