Affordable State of the Art Eyeglasses with Zenni Optical Promo Code

Having good eyeglasses is exceedingly important for anyone. Not only do glasses provide the ability to correctly see, but they also offer a very direct personal statement about style and taste of the wearer. That is why most people try their hardest to find the highest quality glasses that also include the best possible design. A company that takes care of both of these factors is Zenni Optical, an online shop and custom eyeglasses manufacturing that can resolve anyone’s need for eyeglasses.

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The History of Zenni Optical

The company was created by two scientists in 2003 with a single mission – providing their clients with a good-looking, high quality, and cost-effective pairs of glasses. Thanks to their inclination to modern technology, the company was founded in San Francisco Bay Area. From the very first day, Zenni Optical started working on making affordable glasses that will still make their wearers feel like they possess the best-looking pair in the world. With these humble beginnings, the company managed to grow into one of the biggest providers of online eyeglasses optical products.

Product Range

Zenni Optical offers its customers a really impressive range of products. These are initially divided into three groups, covering men, women, and kids. But, inside of these categories, the company really shines with its offer of different models of glasses. That is why on their website, customers can find prescription eyeglasses, prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, sports glasses and many more additional types of products. This wide range means that no matter what kind of glasses a person might want to buy, they can find them on the Zenni Optical website.

A Flawless Production Cycle

All of these types of eyeglasses are created in the Zenni Optical manufacturing facility. The company’s manufacturing operation also included Edging and Rx labs, all present to provide the future wearer of the same eyeglasses as something they will love having. The production cycle begins with the process of frame design and production for Zenni specialist. These are followed by the creation of lenses, thanks to the Zenni’s prescription labs. The same lenses are then set in their place in the edging lab. These are present in the manufacturing cycle to make sure that every lens fits perfectly. Lastly, the eyeglasses go through a rigorous testing and control process, after which they can be shipped out. Besides that, the newest Zenni optical coupons include free shipping for anyone who uses the 2018 Zenni Optical promo code SHIPSFREE.

The Zenni Optical is truly a state of the art eyeglasses manufacturer and online retailer. Because of this, they should be the first on the list for anyone who wants to get eyeglasses or sunglasses that both look and work perfectly.