Tips On How To Choose Bridesmaid Robes

Wedding robes are not just the practical method to protect clothes, make-up and hair when the bridal party is preparing for the Big Day, they often look really cute in photographs and are in most cases a fantastic thank-you gift or memento for family members and friends.

Here are 5 top tips for choosing bridesmaid robes:

The Style Of The Robe

Today there are a variety of options to choose from. Some of these include satin robes, lace robes, monogrammed robes or even floral robes. Consider the photos for the morning of the wedding and the overall color scheme. It is also important to consider different hair color and skin tones of the bridesmaids, along with how these robes are going to turn out in photos. Other considerations may include choosing a separate color for the Maid of Honor from the bridesmaids.

The Budget For The Wedding

Dependent on what has been arranged with the crew for the wedding day, the bride may have decided to pay for the bridesmaid robes as one of the gifts for her bridal party. In these instances, it is important to consider the budget for the wedding as having a big bridal party will add up. If the bridesmaids are asked to pay or contribute towards their attire, it is important that every individual is comfortable with the price before proceeding.

Feeling Comfortable In The Robe

Women come in various sizes and shapes, and when it comes to the wedding day, especially the part that involves getting ready is typically extremely busy. This is when balancing style and comfort becomes very important. An example of this may include custom bathrobes which are easy-to-wear, comfortable, and soft. If any of the bridesmaids are tall or small, it is important to ensure the robes are fitting these members correctly. If the robe is too short it may make the person feel embarrassed or feel uncomfortable.

The Turnaround Time

This is especially important if the bride has decided to get monogrammed or custom bridesmaid robes made. The bride must ensure that the manufacture, turnaround time and the delivery will occur well before the date of the wedding.

For example, many companies will ship their products within 2 business days, yet if they are personalized this may increase to 7 business days or more. It is always advisable to order in advance to avoid unnecessary disappointments when the delivery arrives late due to an unexpected shipping delay.

Accessories For The Robes

It is always better to make sure everything has been planned down to the last detail rather that finding out too late that a member of the bridal party is not matching up to the others or is missing an important accessory such as shoes. It is also important to think about where the photos of the bridal party will be taken. If the photos will take place outdoors the appropriate footwear is necessary. If the photos are planned for indoors, then hotel-style plain slippers are a cost effective and sensible option.